Improve Your Art in Minutes!

Do you want to know how you can improve your drawing skills ONLY within a few minutes? If you’ve been hitting a plateau lately, then this challenge is for you!

Watch my youtube video here for the full challenge:


In essence, this art improvement challenge (I’ll call it the Instant Improvement Challenge) is something that you can also do on a daily basis to help you form healthy habits with your artmaking. It’s also super quick to do if you only have time once a week to squeeze it into your schedule. Honestly, if you spend only a couple minutes on each drawing, you can finish this challenge in only 15 or 20 minutes. You can even use it as a warmup tool in the morning to get your creative juices flowing!

So, as a recap for the challenge:

  1. Get a word prompt, and begin drawing from memory with 2* minutes on the clock.
  2. After your time is up, stop. Find some reference and spend a SHORT amount of time drawing from those reference images.
  3. Put the references and practice drawings away. Time the clock with the same amount of time you used in Step 1, and try it again.
  4. Repeat this as many times as you’d like!

*Tips to keep in mind:

Your first prompt drawing doesn’t have to be 2 minutes. You can spend however long you’d like on your drawing-from-memory or your reference drawings, but I recommend spending less than 10-15 minutes on these. Doing so will train you not to overwork your art, and to concentrate on recurring shapes and patterns instead of the smaller detail.



If you would like personal training with Instant Improvement Development, or even with feedback on your sketchbook or portfolio, feel free to get in touch with me over on my contact page and we can look to set up a program specifically tailored to your needs! Or if you have any questions or want my opinion on your artwork, then please get in touch!

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