2018 Goals

2018 Goals

Inspired by Tomas Svitorka, here are my goals for 2018

On the Horizon for 2018

  • Moving House
  • Change Jobs
  • GDC Talk
  • Becoming British

Home Goals

  • Easily find an affordable, safe, light, airy, big flat (in a nice location)
  • Declutter majorly
  • Buy a new bed

Personal Development/ Profile

  • Create 2 Youtube videos a month
  • Grow my Youtube to 1000 followers by Dec 31st
  • Grow my instagram to 1000 followers by Dec 31st
  • Write an ebook (by Dec 31st 2018)
  • I will post my goals and progress monthly on my website and share on Facebook.
  • Make at least 6 blog posts by Dec 31st.

Art Goals

  • Generate at least $15 a month on Society6.
  • Post 2 designs on Society6 per month

Improve Visual Library By

  • Draw/stud at least 1 new animal per month
  • Draw cloth from my head that looks like I used reference
  • Improve character clothing design by exploring variation of clothing design shapes
  • 1x fortnightly study character from Quotation Magazine (simplify the shape of the cloth)
  • Draw at least 30 mins a day
  • Draw on ipad/ digitally at least 1 hour per week
  • Download new procreate brushes by April 17th
  • Freedom to create dynamic, grounded characters from my head
  • Create a vector Logo design using Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a lettering design using Adobe Illustrator

3D Software

  • I will rig and skin a character using AdvancedSkeleton by May 2018
  • I will create at least 1 quality animation using my rigged character by June 2018


  • I will confidently deliver 1 amazing microtalk at GDC in 2018
  • I will confidently deliver 1 amazing panel at GDC 2018
  • I will pass my 1 month probation easily
  • I will pass my 3 month probation easily

Health/ Fitness Goals

  • Get to 23.5" waist
  • Bodyfat at 20%
  • 5 pullups in a row
  • Hormones at normal levels
Adriana Pucciano